Understanding Gradient and Divergence

I should’ve written this a while ago, when I understood the inner workings of this stuff. But well, I believe that it’s never late to teach something. So, here goes…

I wasn’t aware of these stuff until lately…

I rote-learned vector calculus during my second semester, when I was doing nothing but complaining all the time about the crappy system we have in our college. (ehm, you can always skip my history)

I had to swallow things like curl, divergence, gradient, and theorems from Gauss and Stokes’, etc. and loss-lessly vomit in the exams. That time, I wasn’t even aware of the elegance of these operations, nor did I understood the working of vectors (things which defined symmetry, and gave an ingenious touch to the physical laws).

When I first learned Electromagnetism, I was unable to see the physical significance of Maxwell equations (I’m a geek who loves to gather knowledge, provided that I’m really able to comprehend its physical significance quite satisfactorily). Moreover, as a terrific lover of Physics, I’ve always learned things (whatever that is!) conceptually.

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Analyzing my personality…

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve changed a lot. I know, because I can feel the difference. Still, this bugged me. I can’t quite characterize myself. I mean, I changed. But, how much? And, what were those characteristics that had undergone that change? This question is something I always had.

Recently (to my luck), I stumbled across this online typology test (suggested by a senior student). This might be old news for most of you. But, I didn’t know what the heck that meant, nor did I believe in it. Who will? After all, it’s just a computer clockwork…

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A Valentine “love” for my dear…

Don’t be afraid. I don’t have a valentine. Bah, I’m a physics amateur. We’re one of a kind. We don’t get one from the homo sapiens very easily. As I’ve told you before, we’re poor in working out with all you normal people…

Looking back, it’s been two years since I started learning Physics (out of interest, intuition & curiosity, of course), which goes beyond story-telling. I’m pretty much damn sure that I’ve changed a lot. No seriously, a lot! (am still changing!). Thanks to Physics, that it had a miraculous diversification of influence on me.

For the sake of repaying the debt (at least, by an infinitesimal amount), I take this as an opportunity to express my love towards it, and dedicate this artwork to my dear love

Yeah, the whole image was drawn just by using a pen, and a paper (I mean, “hand-made”)…

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What it likes to be, to make videos?

Oh, you really want the answer in a word? Solitude. That’s all you want!

Cristian Mihai puts it quite cleverly

“Solitude grants you this freedom, filling your mind with questions and answers and noise and stories.”

It’s true. Any artistic goal (whether its’ writing, drawing, footage or music) demands you to be alone. And, believe me, only because I’m alone, I can think & do all these things. Honestly, I didn’t come out of my room for two days (neglecting eating, bathing, brushing etc. stuff)…

How to get started?

I had this rule in mind. My videos shouldn’t be the kind of “lecturing” and stuff. I don’t want my face dancing around! It shouldn’t be the Khan-academy kind either, where you write & speak simultaneously. Instead, it’d be better if it were like Minute Physics or Doodle Science. You know, this “drawing & sketching” kind.

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Lecturing? Video-making? Was it really worthy? (pedagogical rant!)

You may have already known that I haven’t blogged for a month. Partly because I’ve been busy with LaTeX (you know, my new hoax to “memorize”, and thereby sync myself with my racing mates), Mathematica simulations, and also with my online edX courses. Luckily, I got a mega-bunch of holidays from college, about a week or so (for a festival called “Pongal“). I thought of utilizing it (trying to be productive) unlike the last time, which was unsatisfactory just as usual.

Actually, I was cramped in time during my vacation works, that it’s almost inexplicable…

Anyways, I’ll do my best. Somehow, as the vacation started, I got this urge to sink myself in gaming (gah, I haven’t gamed for an year). So, I was indulged in “gaming” for the first three days (Call of Duty, Medal of Honor series & Age of Mythology were my environments). I’ve to elaborate how the next half of the vacation kept me busy

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A language that shall not be named!!!

2013 has gone just like that. So, I thought I could post something before it leaves us forever. I’ve chosen “Brainfuck” for our today’s discussion. This language is something I’ve always wanted to write in my blog…

It’s an esoteric programming language, and if you have some idea on programming, it’s probably the easiest one I’ve ever seen. Because, it’s got only eight commands < > + – , . [ ]. As it’s esoteric in nature, it can’t be used for our regular programming purposes. But, it can always be used to convey some information like, output a simple “Hello world!” program, or say, throw Fibonacci numbers.

And, I meant “easiest” in the sense, that it’s the easiest to write. If you take understanding the program into account, life is really tough. Because, a brainfuck code is very difficult to visualize, being constructed entirely with eight symbols (and visualized only by using ASCII character encoding).

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Now, I can fool my mind to memorize..!!!

Honestly, “memorizing stuff” has been my hostile problem for the last two semesters or so. When I entered the college, I got disappointed a lot of times. Over the course of the first semester, I got lucky here and there, and somehow scored 75% in the final exams. Moreover, my interest in aeronautics didn’t experience an apocalypse that time. It was slowly shifting towards Physics, as disappointments pummeled over and over.

During the second semester (with formula numbers which kept on increasing spontaneously each week), somewhere in the middle, the transformation was complete. I can’t accept that I had been rote-learning all the time (especially during the exams) and tried to put an end to it, all of a sudden. I started shouting, ranting, complaining like a lunatic, to almost everyone who praised about our education. And, those activities had a backstabbing effect on my grades. I was stabbed down to 62%.

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