Getting into 1k views now… (It’s time to look back!)

Somehow, I’ve hit a total of 1k views. Well, not really. There might be a misconception that my blog has reached the outsides. This post is to ensure that it has not..!!!

At the start, it was a bit “dodgy”

A few months back, I thought that blog writers are probably the most silliest persons in the whole worldwide web. No offense gentlemen, but I don’t know much about the internet when I graduated high-school.

All these physics & computing stuff you see now, is earned within the past 15 or so months (which I guess was the productive period ever). As a physics amateur, I’m used to these stupid assumptions (but, that’s the way you should do when learning Physics).

In my high-school vacations, I had some ideas about the web. But still, I had the ugly weakness. I was the dumbest speaker when it comes to online user interaction because, I suck at these adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc. (not even in my mother tongue).

Roughly, I was weak in my language-speaking skills (which no one easily understands). After a hell lot of breakthroughs once I joined college Stack Exchange, I’ve began to write somewhat understandable English (which my fellow users really understood).

Truly speaking, even now, English doesn’t come from my inside roots. Here’s  my mechanism (well, at least I figured it out). Whenever I think of responding someone in English, my mind compares the words I needed that time, with a large number of phrases I’ve recently encountered somewhere, that contained those words, does some compilation and puts it as a sentence. Precisely, it’s much like a bruteforce.

My brain is quite slow and dumb, which takes some time to process this schema. I know this really is a weakness. I’m still trying to recover this one because, it takes 3-4 hours to prepare a blog post, which I believe is due to this process. Before posting something, I research a lot as I shouldn’t go wrong somewhere, then I forget things as usual (sometimes, the topic or a paragraph itself), and I can’t concentrate much time on something, with over 20 tabs opened alongside). Duh…

Bloggers are really gifted…

Anyways, that process was more than enough to respond to people in chat, comment, etc. By that way, I held my reputation tightly. Later, I had to come across a lot of links, which included blogs. Then, I corrected my previous thought about blogs (having seen a lot of scribblings in the internet) replacing “silliest” with “gifted”.

These guys don’t just write trash (assuming, real blog writers, not the fake ones). They get down so much, they try to show their utmost level of quality, they purposely strip-off themselves, and act like a joker with the expectation that people would at least tease them (while they get the pleasure, that they have got someone to ludicrously laugh at their actions among the crowd, while others didn’t even bother noticing them).

A time came, when I was a follower of a lot of blogs. I had an enthusiasm when reading people’s awesomeness in their blogs. Then, I got a desire to start an environment (other than SE) where I can write for myself.

The goal was to clear people’s misconceptions about Physics (which remains still now), having lectured a lot of basic Physics topics to my friends in college. I was once asked why I haven’t started a blog yet. I simply said, “It’s very hard to maintain. you have to post everyday, you should be a good writer”, etc – which was just a false reason. The thing was, I was afraid.

Of what? Yep, the English, my poor skills…

A stupid unknown group as origin…

As time flew, I can’t hold my desire longer, as I came across the internet. Then, an idea popped out – to start an open group in Facebook. I thought I had listeners in my college for my Physics. Whenever my mates approach me to provide them explanations about a specific phenomena intuitively, I did. They usually say, “Hereafter, you’re gonna teach me something often”.

I was happy because, I always wanted to teach. Soon, I recognized that I was left alone, all by myself one day. Seems like I’ve had this perception for a long time, that people actually liked my explanations (Hey..!!! not Schizophrenia, don’t even think of it). They appeared as if they liked. But, they really didn’t. Remember the quote I said previously…

“Once you become a physicist, there’s a risk that you won’t be able to interact with normal people”

I’m just a student, not a physicist yet. But, this really happened. Why they threw me out? Maybe because I don’t care about my academics, I don’t memorize stuff as they do. Second, they have their own species of ego, that can’t accept my speech. I’m not really dumb. I can easily find the guy’s inner-companion playing with his mind, by the way he’s responding to my words (being a good spectator).

To my surprise, not all guys were like that. There are people, who contradict the above cases. I forced them to give their hands in, and here they are…

In my group (not all of them though, only 7 showed their support). I started writing posts in my group with the motto of addressing facts. But, my physics character rose up silently. After a few weeks, I found myself chained into physics essays. Members started to get bored of my posts. I was forced to end my nonsensical physics posts.

Usually, I don’t have expectations. But, I had an itsy-bitsy bugging “thing” in the corner of my mind. Once I’ve explained something, I get the usual phrase, “It’s nice, It’s awesome, It’s amazing”, which doesn’t really encourage me. I long for responses. I needed comments. Maybe, the members felt shy or something, they just don’t like to comment. I wasn’t satisfied.

I changed the group name to “Weird Stuff”, which you see now and stopped writing essay’ish posts. But, I can’t change the “Arrow of Time” in the link address. Nowadays, I write 2-3 short posts (just how you do in twitter) each week on topics that I find interesting that week. Again, the bugging started. I need an environment where I can put images, videos, flash, Latex, my own formatting, etc anywhere I want. I was left with no choice but a blog…

One in a googolplex…

I kept my fear aside. Jeff had lot of interesting posts for me to read, like this, this, this, etc. (yeah, with a hell lot of ping backs) which patted my monster (lurking inside) to start writing. I signed up to WordPress, I know the name of the blog already and I was lucky to have my name as the address. There… Arrow of Time. My physics-loving monster can now freely wander around.

I shared my blog everywhere I can. I didn’t get many visitors from Facebook (barely 10 or so listeners). Then, I posted it in our SE chat rooms, had discussion, got a lot of feedback, etc. I got views for a while. Again, the stats smoothed out, touching the surface. I still had the leftover happiness (I still have it…) for my personal website, that made me post things.

Visiting your blog each day (at least 4 or 5 times) looking for any sorta change in the views can be a bit annoying. I know that I can’t expect comments & shares at the start itself (when you’re not good with the basic rules). But, what’s wrong with expecting views?

Go now and start writing a blog..!!! (given the tips you should follow while writing a blog post). Then, you’ll see how happy you feel, when you get a view from any location other than yours, and how crazy your mind goes when you observe no change in your stats from the previous day.

Well at least, I’m like that…

How the 1.5k views within a month?

You think I cheated by spamming somewhere somehow… Of course I did. At the start of September, I imagined, “What if I get an opportunity to spread my SE experience? It still requires views”. That week, I shared my SE experience in Twitter, G+ & Facebook. Just a week later (on Sep. 15), SE celebrated its 5th birthday. One of the co-founders Joel Spolsky tweeted the blog post. Firstly, I shared it everywhere because, I love their writing style (as usual). Then, they had this quote…

“We’re 5 years old. Share your story…”

I know that a lot of comments would be just “Congratulations & Thanks”, but I wanted to say more. What a great coincidence! Exactly a month ago (Aug. 15), I started this blog and my first post was about this. I hardly waited. I ran in and posted the comment (pretty unlucky though, being the second guy). Anyways, I went in and got the rewards, the traffic. They got the story, I got the traffic. WordPress notified me 3 or 4 times that my blog gets a traffic unexpectedly. In this way, I got lucky.

Moreover, they’ve put a poster in the sidebar of all their 100 or so sites, which made me more lucky.

EEE Collage

So, here I am… 1k views. And thanks again Stack Exchange, for bringing me the rain thunderstorm…

And, Thank you viewers. It’s you people who kept me alive all the time! From now, don’t just read, feel free to comment, suggest any topics, advise on improvements, etc. I’m totally open to all…


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One thought on “Getting into 1k views now… (It’s time to look back!)

  1. Bhavya October 1, 2013 at 9:35 PM Reply

    Ravi, its good to hear that u have got 2k views…. I’m so happy for u… Bt how can u say the “weird stuff group” as a stupid origin??? I dont sit in front of my lap for a long tym. Yet, if i plan to do something really useful on someday… my first option would be going through ur posts in weird stuff… Its true… All the best…
    Ready to support u in your future improvements..

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