Fate of NASA on its 55th birthday…

I’m wondering whether people (outside of US) actually noticed this. Phil Plait wrote a blog post which helped me figure out that NASA has been shut down today (dunno whether it’s temporary or permanent, but the situation is on fire). Why? Insufficient funding. Well, that’s what they say. See for yourselves. Their page redirects to a notice like this

Shutdown Notice

US Government shutdown – 2013

It’s not just NASA. The whole US government has been shut down. Starting from 1976, US has experienced a few government shutdowns. And, this is the 18th. I don’t know much about politics. Looks like Wikipedia writers are fast. I can get help from their article

The shutdown was a result of political conflicts among Democratic President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Specifically, the House’s refusal to fund government operations without delays or changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Blah… Blah… Blah…

Go read NBC, BBC or CNN news for the dirty politics, if you want…

But, this shutdown has tore down the country’s infrastructure by a huge magnitude. About 97% of NASA workers are gonna stay at home from today, until further notice. I see your mind-bugging. What about the remaining 3%? They are to ensure the safety of the astronauts in the international space station. We shouldn’t push space engineers into these politics and put their lives into trouble. Should we?

Whatever… But, the planned future missions such as the Maven to Mars (That’s worth a $650 million) have been postponed, which really is a serious damage to NASA’s development. And, it gets worse. Because, today was when NASA’s operations first began. Apparently, it’s NASA’s birthday. It had lot of plans. Poor NASA… Why should it suffocate on its 55th birthday? That truly is a fate..!!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday NASA..!!!

I know it’s a sad day for you. But, we all hope you’ll get back on feet soon


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One thought on “Fate of NASA on its 55th birthday…

  1. Bhavya October 2, 2013 at 10:54 AM Reply

    Seriously its a pensive note…….

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