2013 Nobel goes to British & Belgian physicists…

As a physics enthusiast, I should be aware that the Nobel prize for Physics is being awarded today. Apart from Higgs (and Englert, as expected by the scientific community), we had a lot of guesses on who might be their rivals, even after the announcement that the Nobel is gonna be in the favor of Higgs

Unfortunately, there was an unusual delay in the announcement of Nobel (about an hour or so), when a lot of tweeters started joking around with some funny stuff…

And finally, it was announced. Well, it has been awarded jointly to Peter Higgs and François Englert for the theoretical discovery of the popular Higgs mechanism, which contributes to the understanding of the origin of mass in quantum particles (more than half a century of serious research and spontaneous breakthroughs), which was finally confirmed by the experiments done by CMS & ATLAS collaborations at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN.

Here’s the announcement

But, that’s not really the story. Though Higgs & Englert deserve the Nobel prize, we shouldn’t forget that there had been a lot of contributions by numerous theoretical physicists and experimentalists to the mechanism. Sean Carroll (in his blog) addresses how the number “3” limit to the Nobel annoys people. Anyways…

Congratulations to our Nobel Laureates..!!!


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