Plans for my vacation?

I’m on my vacation, my dear readers. Semester’s gone and I’ve got three weeks to enjoy (one week, already gone without satisfaction, as usual). Keeping aside the fact that my vacation is no different from a bulk holiday, I thought of making it different this time by having a few mementos and schedules. I’ve planned to spend most of my time enthusiastically on Physics – select a topic, research about it (by exploring the internet quite deeply), generate new ideas & opinions that may lead to better blog posts (like the one on “flapping wings of aircrafts“). I should utilize these days because these days are unlike the tough college days, when most of the daytime hours probably suck, days when you mostly feel like you haven’t done something useful, when you also realize that you’re a schmuck..!!! I mean, how often would you face the same monstrous insidious tyranny again & again?

If you were in my position with exactly the same mental state, then you’ll face such unlikely & uncanny situations often (and you get bored). On one hand, we’ve chalk-writers (nowadays, marker-writers) with their usual scolds, rants, rote & write witchcraft, their fantastic non-involvement in the subject, unwillingness to teach (or let’s phrase inability), bawl-around often without actually saying much, etc., everyone with certain qualitative proportions for each. While on the other hand, we’ve a bunch of gullible students with their usual notebooks, plagiarizing from the blackboard for the sake of the so-called professor, then study horribly without even giving the courtesy of calling it rote, etc.) and you, the only one, sitting uselessly amongst the crowd staring at others.

That said, I miss all the fun (those silly fights, unending debates, ludicrous discussions, etc.) with my classmates, the only thing that can nullify the effect caused by those lamentable situations. Okay, it’s vacation now and it’s been confirmed that I’m not going back to my hometown this time (due to some unlucky circumstances). So, what plans have I got?. As for exterior ones, I have many – like badminton, swimming, juggling, etc. But, I meant indoor ones like the internet-laptop stuff…

  • Gather info about ISON, try observing it during December (which ruined, a few days ago) (???)
  • Try demonstrating the Mpemba effect, as a home experiment – \checkmark
  • Resume gaming again which was hibernated over an year ago – \checkmark
  • Take an online course (Well, I’ve chosen edX) – \checkmark
  • Try to write some good posts and postpone the facty stuff to the next semester. The first two plans can make great posts. In fact, I just did two posts for ISON (one for its welcoming, and one for its R.I.P), and the upcoming one is for Mpemba… (???)

While I was busy dreaming about my plans in the internet, (to my surprise) a horrible thing happened during the last week, that tore me down. We didn’t pay the broadband bill for about two months (due to some on-job difficulties), which freaked out the ISP and as a result, they pulled the plug, by which my computer went totally unconscious. I was told that the bill would be settled only by December. How many things can someone do with a zombified computer? Probably a lot. But, what if the guy hasn’t got anywhere to go? Programming, games, books, music, movie, everything can’t convince me, not even for a day, let alone a whole week.

Well, I’m not like that. I need human interaction. Even if everyone’s maintaining their “busy-ness”, I’ll ping them like hell. So, what did I do? Other than movies, gaming & reading, I added something to my schedule. Demonstrating the Mpemba effect. Because, I don’t think I’ll get another opportunity like that. If I had internet, I’ll never do that experiment. That week was enough for me.

My refrigerator, at its max. freezing level, took 5 hours to freeze. Taking the whole week into account, I’ve tried doing the experiment for about a dozen times. Each time, due to my stupidity or say, unnecessary franticness, I ruin the setup somehow. But, I didn’t give up. I had the audacity to do it again (because, all of my thoughts were on plotting the readings and sighting the beauty of the curve – to be honest, I love graph plots). I’ll save all the funny stories about my struggling for the next post. The notable thing is that, I would’ve spent about 30 hours on the experiment. Finally, on last Sunday, I succeeded. I got the exact values that was necessary for my plot. But, later I figured out that it wasn’t the expected output…

(sigh) By this way, I realized how our experimentalists are suffering with their relatively infinitely more complex experiments compared to mine. After a week (i.e) yesterday, the bill was settled and my laptop is brought back from its crude zombification. So, my horrific nightmare week is gone.

Anyways, I reckon that I’ll do something nice, smooth & useful in my future posts during this vacation…

And, my horrific nightmare week was gone.



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