A Valentine “love” for my dear…

Don’t worry. I don’t have a valentine. Bah, I’m a physics amateur. As I’ve told you before, it’s hard for us to interact with everyone else…

Looking back, it’s been two years since I started learning Physics (out of interest, intuition & curiosity, of course), which goes beyond story-telling. I’m pretty much damn sure that I’ve changed a lot. No seriously, a lot! (am still changing!). Thanks to Physics, that it had a miraculous diversification of influence on me.

For the sake of repaying the debt (at least, by an infinitesimal amount), I take this as an opportunity to express my love towards it, and dedicate this artwork to my dear love

Yeah, the whole image was drawn just by using a pen, and a paper (I mean, “hand-made”)…

To be honest, this came out as a mere coincidence. Only after a few hours, I realized that “Valentine’s day” is on 14th (today!) of this month. So, I added a bunch of equations, some Photoshop twitches to improve the clarity, and the Greek symbols at the last (with LaTeX), to demonstrate that I LOVE PHYSICS!

In the verse below (well, I made it during the boring as usual “aerodynamics” class), where I’ve personified “Physics” (exaggerated a little bit) to celebrate this Valentine’s day (again!).

As a matter of fact, it’s already my love.

Anyways, don’t expect too much from the verse. That’s all I could grab from my limited English…


You defined the meaning of “sapience”, by overthrowing philosophy with your vengeance

You heard my need for intuition pleas, and fed me with your elegant ideas

You accompanied me in my solitude; Your magical charm reconstructed my attitude

Your endeavor to understand the universes, made us realize that we’re not over tortoises

From quantum to googolplex scales, other sciences follow your fairy tales

Mating with the apocalyptic math, you gave their prolific birth

As long as I hear your musical chime, I’ll follow you till the end of spacetime.

Waffle’s Crazy Peanut

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