Analyzing my personality…

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve changed a lot. I know, because I can feel the difference. Still, this bugged me. I can’t quite characterize myself. I mean, I changed. But, how much? And, what were those characteristics that had undergone that change? This question is something I always had.

Recently (to my luck), I stumbled across this online typology test (suggested by a senior student). This might be old news for most of you. But, I didn’t know what the heck that meant, nor did I believe in it. Who will? After all, it’s just a computer clockwork…

As you can see, there are 72 “Yes” or “No” questions, most of which were difficult for me to grasp at the first sight (being a sucker in English). The user is expected to select the best choice. The questions were pretty attractive, in the sense that it took me around 20 minutes to answer all those (Well, today I tried answering them again, but without the help of Word Web – which took me only around 3 minutes).

I was classified as INTP.

I honestly didn’t have any idea about what those words really meant. All I wanted was to know whether I was psychologically good or not…

Over the next hour, I indulged in reading about this INTP scheme. Soon, I figured out that this stuff is something really big. It’s formally called the MBTI indicator, developed by some guy named “Jung”, where an user-filled questionnaire is analyzed to predict the user’s behavior!

I required a few other pages (other than Wiki) to convince myself. And, I got one, explaining about my character. I found the page quite surprising. It’s amazing that a bunch of questions are far enough to evaluate a person and thereby put them somewhere in the 4X4 matrix of personality types. It always makes me wonder when I think of the huge lumps of days & days of data collected by these psychology fellas. To make something as crazy as this one, you need tons of startup guys for gathering data. I’m impressed because I agreed to almost all the phrases predicted by the scheme.

And, this page also came up, which further amplified my happiness & enthusiasm. It listed all the celebrities who may come under this INTP (along with a few funny conversations those fellas had with someone). Later, I spoke to the members in our chat room and finally realized two things – that the scheme is very true (it may turn out false, but that’s another story), and almost all the science geeks are INTs.

Though I’m still unsure about this prediction, I’m happy because it boosted me very well. Well, I should admit that the boost came from the celebrities. Anyways, the questionnaire is always worth a try…

In case you haven’t come across this psychoanalysis in your internet lifetime, I’d suggest you to try this one now!!! (Yeah, now!) And, don’t worry. The analysis never points out your bad stuff. It just shows you the good stuff you already have. Toughen up, and have some faith in its prediction.

At least, this explains that I wasn’t showing off back there..!!!


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