The Right to Vote!

The Indian general election 2014 is gonna happen tomorrow. I, as a citizen should participate in the voting day. As a matter of fact, this is my first vote. I (for various reasons) don’t wanna get back to my hometown (which is at the southern tip of the country) to push a button, until now!

Today morning, an advertisement (I can’t get a link on that!) inspired me. Some citizen plans to go to US on the voting day. When the booking lady questioned, he says, “What difference would I make?”. The lady responds, “If you can’t make a difference in our country, how can you make a difference abroad?”

This really impressed me.

So, I’m gonna visit my hometown, push the button, and come back! And, I’ve made something to cheer up the voters. You know, contribution. Like I said, this ad has really influenced me…

Okay, that’s my “not-so-weird” movie maker creation for this election. Luckily, the music appears to have synchronized with the other resources. Oh I know, I didn’t attribute anyone in the video. If I were to, my choice would always be for Google, Wiki & YouTube.

Now that I’ve cast my vote, it’s time to get back to Chennai (you know, college, semester exams and all)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While my hometown (ehm, it’s not actually a town) is famous for a mighty temple, there’s a nice greenish pond which always attracts me. Old days, I used to enjoy my fine mornings there.

Okay, so that’s my “village”, and that’s us, the voters… (well, you can recognize me!).

I just cast my first vote!!! Now, I’m coming back to city, with some new plans like running on the railroad, running around the streets, and running to college, etc. (as an initiative to bring back my stamina!).

That’s because today (while swimming), something struck me. I realized that I’ve lost my stamina for abandoning swimming for the past two years or so. To speak truly, I do believe in coincidences, and of course, an accidentally formed idea. This might be a good example…


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