Patiently waiting for the IIT atmosphere…

Yesterday, I got to pay a visit to IIT, Chennai. You do remember my first rant, don’t you? The lords of my state, students are racers, just memorizing the formulas and methods, so & so… Well, you should read it once. I’m sure it’ll be interesting…


So, what’s the big deal with IIT? Apart from the fact that I could add dozens of facts about that college, which are all unlike mine, starting from – it’s being managed by the central government (unlike mine, which is managed by the state government), the standard of people, the way they filter the incoming flood of students by a 3-level screening method (unlike mine, which sucks at 1-level, and a rather stupid method), and the “unlike mine” goes on…

“Lords” of the country… (a review)

The IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) are the MIT, Harvard & Stanford of “India”. They’re the lords of the country. You can expect the best quality of education over there. Not only standard education, but also opportunities, freedom to be creative, jewel of resources, all sorts of things, IITs rock in the first place! That’s all is there to it, to be precise.

In a student’s point of view, especially as an MITian (I mean, our MIT), there are more than just that…

Maybe MIT was a great institute, maybe it had good professors, maybe but I’m damn sure that it’s a long time ago. Now, it’s just like a bunch of portraits in garbage…

  • First thing’s first. Like I said, the quality of education – the system is totally different compared to ours. There, you can take your notes to exams, Here, we don’t know what style that is, because we haven’t got used to it! We’ve always (rote) memorized stuff, raced to survive, and of course – we’re masochists!
  • Classes are interactive, professors are student-friendly, and the most important – they don’t teach just because they should. While classes are mostly never interactive, we have different species of professors here – like those who do that dirty copy-paste work in the blackboard (either they’ve got no love for the subject, or they don’t know how to teach, or they’re exhausted), while many others who’ve got too much love for the subject (it’s actually seduction), that they don’t care about classes at all.

Within this deadly mixture, lie the charmingly wonderful minds, who respect students, who’ve got enough love for the subject, and don’t really see the students as if they’re their sworn enemy! They just expect you to maintain your discipline, just don’t disturb them, that’s all… (I’ve met one, only one in my college lifetime – but he’s oriented to the computer science department)

But, this isn’t the case with the other two kinds. One time (just once), would they catch you for something, anything, like talking, questioning, speaking about morality, feedback, not taking notes (they even expect you to have everything in your note, whatever they spew in the board), anything like that, there ya go… You’ve got yourself a WAR!!! You’ll be facing the consequences, like failing to get the “passing grade” in the subject, quite some serious stuff!

(Back to comparison…)

  • The next thing a college student needs is, accessing the internet. In IIT, each & every hostel room has a LAN connection. If not, you have lots of computer centers, where you can plug & play. You can access the outside world through a proxy server (they even mail you the authentication details once you get there).

That’s not the case here. When I entered the college for the first time, there was WiFi, which didn’t even last for two semesters. That’s it! No maintenance, it just disappeared for two years. All out of a sudden, the WiFi routers came back last month (after an year), we later figured out that the reason behind the birth was surveillance. Some kinda raid was about to come – so, roads, walls, water supply, new paint job, WiFi hubs, grasses, garbage cans, all popped in from nowhere… Strange, right?

Now, it gets worse. We’ve got WiFi spots. But, I don’t understand the use of those when none of us one were given the passkey. Luckily, I was able to bruteforce the 8-digit number twice. Not for a long time, they changed it again, and soon they came back to the good old days. Now, I’m utilizing it, but that’s totally another story. The funny thing is that they’ve got AES-encrypted WPA2 routers, with a stupid 8-digit key (which can be brute-forced by any laptop).

  • Now, the costume – they’re allowed to wear shorts, T-shirts, anything they like! Here, we have constraints. Jeans aren’t allowed, no shorts, no T-shirts, anything that’s informal isn’t allowed. Just pants & shirts. We’re expected to dress like a professor. And, there’s a whole list of “don’t wear”s for girls, which I may not know very well…
  • Next, the most important factor of all – the students

The guys over there strive to be creative (at least, most of them). Here, all we wanna do is to survive every semester. You know, jump hurdles! Almost none wants to be creative (I’ve seen those faces, they’re survivors) even though they’ve got multitudes of big brains – of course, surviving in such an environment is a talent, but I don’t understand why they don’t grasp the difference between being smart and being clever. They’re struggling hard to become smart, but they don’t wanna be clever!

Very few wake up at the start of college (like me), and struggle till the end to survive (they can’t, they won’t!). Some wake up in the middle of their UG course, but they realize that it isn’t a good time, so they decide to join the race again (without realizing the fact that it’s never late to do something!).

And, I could add more to that – like water unavailability (as if there were drought), junk food, cheating academicians, but that’s enough… You get the gist, right?

All we need is a revolution!

Anyways, I’m just waiting… for the day when I get into the IIT. I have patience, and hope. All I gotta do, is wait for two more years, and I’ll be there to kick off!


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  1. Smithb799 August 14, 2014 at 4:12 AM Reply

    Wow, awesome blog! How long have you been blogging?

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