One hour in the exam hall…

“I told you! You should’ve listened to yesterday’s result! What happened to you? You always trust in chance! And, it did tell you that you weren’t supposed to write the exam today.”, he exclaimed.

(He was pointing to my usual simulated tossing whenever I get confused in making a choice. As I believe only in chance, (and as I’m lazy to actually toss a coin) I use the pseudo random number generator in Python (in a loop) which selects a choice based on a million runs…)

“Come on, I came here just to give it a try. After all, it’s MBA stuff. I felt like this might be easy. I had also thought that I might get lucky today…”, I said.

“That’s what you wish everyday. Look at him! He’s not even a professor. He’s just a PhD dressed like one. And, I’m sure that he’s under obligation from the academicians. Or else, why would a PhD in aerodynamics bother to take a course on Management Science?”

“Yeah, I know. But, what bothers me now is the happiness in his face that attains a maximum whenever he sees some of my mates, including me. Is it because (he thinks) he has taken some sort of (funny) revenge by asking theoretical questions on this ridiculous subject? Pfft… That’s real mature.”

“Anyways, I know where exactly you’re going now. But, no matter how many times you say that, there’s nothing productive in it. It doesn’t establish anything!”

“C’mon… What’s the point of memorizing all those theories, procedures & solutions just to answer questions that focus on getting marks, and finally evaluate your knowledge based on your GPA? That’s not learning. Learning is about thinking in new ways, and this is not certainly that!”

“Meh, here we go again… I’m tired of it”, he got frustrated!

“But, but… This is Management! The exam isn’t supposed to be like this. There’s a question regarding the ultimate goal of marketing. As for me, the ultimate aim of this horrible thing is simply to attract people’s minds with all those magnets being produced at low cost, while selling them at a high price quite cunningly! But, I’m sure he’s not gonna give me marks for that, because that’s my perspective. In these exams, only the perspectives of book authors matter!”, I argued – while writing.

“Okay, enough chit-chat! This non-constructive discussion is boring!”

“Look at all these students. Everyone certainly have their own talents. But, it’s just the timing when they figure it out isn’t right. And when they do, they’re forced to do stuff they’re not supposed to do! You’ve seen me. And, we’ve seen my classmates. The situation is this. Take the bright faces from high school, put them in the leading college, and watch them evolve (see how they dance in fire!). The outcome isn’t just fighting for survival. It’s pure fear!

“Boring again. See, this is why you suck in impressing people. Here’s a better idea. You remember that Environmental Science exam you had written last semester, when you had some leftover time when a nice question popped in?”

(Yep, he knows exactly how to distract me off my craziness!)

“Oh, yeah… That one. Alright, I’ll better finish this off soon. And then, we’ll start counting.”, I agreed to his request, as I too had that desire for a long time.

“Put the calculator down! You’re attracting his attention. Oh my… Here he comes – put it down and start writing something!”

“Phew, he’s gone. He didn’t understand anything of what I had written! So, there are 36 square plates in a row, distributed in 80 columns along with 4 rows having half squares, each having 12 rivets per plate. That means, 3200 plates riveted by 37120 rivets! And, from what I can see, I’m sure that there are 20 large fans, 40 small ones, about 70 fluorescent lamps, and about 700 students! That’s one big hangar we’ve got for an exam hall!”

“That’s interesting! Now, as if on cue, there goes the bell! Ta-da! Okay, I had a nice chat with you this time. But remember, the day’s not far when you’ll get struck by a similar problem (again), when I’ll be back (again). Auf wiedersehen my friend…”

“See you around soon…”, I handed my papers over, and left the exam hall.

I forgot to tell him that I indeed lucky today, because that ‘professor’ owes me a few marks for taking a seminar on his subject (which I later recalled). I don’t actually have to tell him. He knows. As a matter of fact, he is me…


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