Branching a new blog…

Yeah, it’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been busy. My vacation is almost over. Though I’m not sure whether I’ve made some reasonable progress, all I can say is that it feels like it went so quickly!

Apart from playing games & watching TV-series, I was coding… well, most of the time. I learned some frameworks for the first few days (for making our app at a hackathon), got involved in Mozilla and patched some nice & easy bugs (Firefox, Seamonkey, Servo, etc.), worked with Python almost everyday for something, and these days I practice a new language – “Rust“.

Actually, I feel guilt because I’m late to Rust. I should’ve got into it about an year ago (when it was a baby). Now, it’s grown a lot and it has also gained a lot of reputation among coders. I’ve planned to blog about it in a while (once my work is complete). Speaking of blogging, I’m moving to my new Octopress-powered blog (Arrow of Code), provided by Github pages.

I like wordpress – it’s easy to use, has a pleasing environment and all, yeah. But in the views of a coder, it’s got a shitty code display! One can add a lot more – like, it doesn’t support much languages (for instance, it doesn’t support Rust), its formatting is sometimes rather unpredictable (that can happen when you try & twitch the HTML), it’ll be a pain in the a** to work through the revisions, etc.

Github pages, on the other hand, are simple, very easy to use (for a coder), supports the awesome markdown, among a lot of other things. It also has its cons, but that’s not a big problem – there’s always a solution for it (for instance, it doesn’t support comments by default, but we can use Disqus).

Anyways, this doesn’t mean that I’m gonna abandon my current blog. If my post relates to code, then I’ll be using the Github blog, whereas if it’s about other random stuff, it will be in here. I can’t wait to use markdown! Ciao


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