Encoding multimedia into text!

Yesterday, I got to see a nice photograph of the (controversial) ball lightning. So, I immediately liked the photograph and felt like I should download it. Well, it’s not directly downloadable, especially when the author has asked flickr to disable the option for his/her download.

In flickr, in order to protect the image content, they put a wrapper around the images which shields the image from your easy <dragging-to-desktop> action. Right-click options won’t recognize the image because you’re not on the image! You can think of it like this, whenever you try to “interact” with the image, you’re always a few layers above the image itself, that your browser can’t detect it! (in this way)

But, there’s always a workaround. Before that, let me tell you something. There’s simply no difference between browsing & downloading in the internet (technically). Because, whenever you view something (say, this photograph), you’re already seeing the downloaded copy of the file. This is done by your browser. That’s why it needs the cache. If you can see something, then you can download it. No one could stop you from downloading it because, in order to view it, you have to download it!

Okay, now back to the topic…

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I’m bad when it comes to socializing with people…

I know, it’s been a long time since I blogged. I’ve been busy. Well nowadays, most of the time I’ll be involved in physics & coding (sometimes, I do play games). But, I always feel guilty that I don’t share most of the interesting stuff I get to know every month.

Two things happened last week. Firstly, I took a seminar. And, it’s my first time. I also spoke English (officially) for the first time – I mean, in front of a crowd.

I don’t know. My body starts resonating whenever I see a group of people staring at me – not exactly “fear to speak” in front of people. Instead, it’s an uncomfortable feeling inside that asks a lot of what-if questions like, “What if others ignore your speech?”, “What if you fail?”, “What if you get the crap out of everyone?”, “What if …” all such nonsense. Well, that explains something. In my two years of college life, I’ve spoken a lot in the internet than in the real (social) world. Okay, fear it is.

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How I loved watching “Interstellar”?

A few months back, I wrote a review on “Gravity”. You know, it was a great experience. I did really enjoy watching it. All about space, satellites, orbits, stuff like that, along with some screw-ups like Sandra Bullock’s one-woman show, George Clooney’s unnecessary death (How can I forget? It’s unforgivable!), so & so. I didn’t love the story as much as I loved its visual effects in the movie. Anyways, it was nice! But, I’m quite sure it doesn’t even come closer to my long-awaited “Interstellar”!!!

Yesterday, I watched Interstellar. I’ve been waiting a long time for this thing to show up. Being one of my favorite directors, Christopher Nolan’s style exceeded my expectations once again. This was totally new! Not only did it rock in the physics of the storyline (I mean, the physics that participated), it was also emotionally touching.

Who am I kidding? It was Kip Thorne who has helped with setting up the plot. He’s a physicist. I bet those guys really knew what they were doing. They’ve put most of the so-far-discovered physics behind gravity (General Relativity, to be specific) into that movie. They’ve created spacecrafts, planets, wormholes, blackholes – they’ve done everything they can to help us visualize those complicated stuff!

Don’t you worry, I’m not here to ruin all your fun! Just a few comments, as I can’t hold myself back…

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Understanding the gas turbine engine…

Gas Turbine Engines! They’re the honeypots of any propulsion course. You’d need a book to cleverly explain the clockworks behind that thing! Because it’s much much more than what you think it is. It’s not just a machine that sucks-air, spits fuel, burns, and farts-gas. Inside that beautiful casing, goes an exotic molecular dance. In order to understand this nightmare, firstly you need thermodynamics. Then, as you get deeper and deeper, aerodynamics comes in.

Now, I’m not gonna explain this in the usual way, dealing with each & every component, speaking technically, and all – Nope! Today, we’re gonna see what’s (more or less) going on inside this engine (turbofan engine, in our case). I’ve come up with a bunch of analogous thermodynamic stuff (pretty basic ones) which can help in visualizing the components of the gas turbine. But, we need to have a look at our key ingredients before we get inside.

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Statistics of my professor…

I guess I’ve already told you about my aerodynamics professor when I talked about my newly found way of memorizing. But, that’s history. It happened during the last semester, it makes use of low speed flow. This time, it’s high speed!

So, today we had our usual aerodynamics class. As usual, I was reading my “Classical Mechanics” book (Well, I don’t feel comfortable taking notes during classes of these kind). Soon, three of us got bored. Our professor is well-known for his amazing habit of copy-pasting stuff (equations & derivations go to the blackboard, paragraphs & history spills outta his mouth, often with the question, “Right?”) – from books like “Fundamentals of Aerodynamics” (by J.D. Anderson – last sem) and “Gas Dynamics” (by E. Radhakrishnan – going on now).

Within a few minutes since the start of his class, we started observing the same “thing”, inferred his activity, smiled at one another, and converged on the same idea…

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Patiently waiting for the IIT atmosphere…

Yesterday, I got to pay a visit to IIT, Chennai. You do remember my first rant, don’t you? The lords of my state, students are racers, just memorizing the formulas and methods, so & so… Well, you should read it once. I’m sure it’ll be interesting…

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You know, reality sucks! (Social Rant!!!)

Reality sucks! (at least for me-like people who have their souls hard-wired into their laptops).

That’s what the last 5 months taught me. Starting from the last semester, through the vacation (when nature betrayed me), all the way down to college, those amazingly painful sequence of events, events that completely transformed me into an introvert (I already am, but that’s only 67%)

What if you’re under the obligation to do some stuff? Things that you don’t wanna do! Things that you aren’t supposed to do… Things that you aren’t destined for!  We can’t always go along the curve, can we? There are perturbations (there should be!).

But this time, it went far worse – it just pushed me ahead of the curve…

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