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Based on my new method to get hold of the formulas and procedures, I’ve just begun to create latex-based notes. Most of the things covered by these notes are related to aeronautics. But, since I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree right now, I can safely suggest that it’d be definitely useful for some of you (at least, if you’re looking for the basics).

By the way, these are links from my Github repo. And, don’t you worry. The link is public & dynamic. Whenever I update these books, I’ll push the new version to the back-end server so that you can get the PDFs (or the TeX code) whenever you want.


The notable thing about latex’ification is that LaTeX really is a wonder. The beauty of the font style, the special symbols – simply amazing!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention about Tikz. It’s a drawing package for latex. With that, you can make a lot of artworks using latex. Yep, I’ve used that to draw the images. The specialty about Tikz, is that it makes use of Vector graphics. It’s not your usual JPEG or PNG image, which use Raster graphics (that ruin the beauty).

The main difference is that the files compiled using vector graphics can be modified (losslessly) if you have the source code with you. It’s also worth mentioning that if you don’t have the source code with you, you’re doomed. On the other hand, raster graphic files, once created, can never be modified “without any loss of quality”.

Well, you can test that on your own. All you have to do is just zoom the images. I’m very sure that you can zoom them up to the limits of your PDF viewer, without even a slight loss of quality in the art. You can simply indulge in it. In case you don’t know, some of the images in Wikipedia are in SVG format, which also uses vector graphics (the standard model of particles would be an example). Enjoy!!!


One thought on “My Notes

  1. S.Aishwarya June 29, 2014 at 4:59 PM Reply

    Great work Ravi…a very different initiative from a person doing his UG. really really good 🙂

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